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Who We Are The Family Intervention Team Foundation was authorized by the Sutter County Board of Supervisors to provide an opportunity to secure support not otherwise available from governmental sources for activities being provided to youth and families being served by Sutter County multi-departmental teams. The Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of a mix of business and government leaders representing the community. The creation of this Foundation has allowed expanded community participation in specific services designated for families who are experiencing serious difficulty and are involved with multiple county departments, and local law enforcement agencies. The Foundation provides tax exempt status for donations and bequests and serves the community at expense to local government.

The population and caseload of most Sutter County social service agencies, juvenile courts, law enforcement agencies and schools have changed dramatically during the last decade. Both the behavior and attitude of youth involved in the dependency and wardship process has become far more complex. Local schools are increasingly involved in student and family problems that impact all elements of our community. More serious and violent criminal activity as well as escalating substance abuse presented by both children and members of their family demonstrates this complexity. In addition increasingly serious emotional and physical health problems of children and families are being identified.

In 1998, Sutter County officials, aware of the devastating ramifications of substance abuse, violence and poor health reflected in the lives of the youth now being seen in our various service systems, began a rethinking of approaches to assisting youth in our community to become competent capable adults.

The Family Intervention Team Policy Group is comprised of representation from: Department of Human Services, Probation Department, Sheriff's Department, County Superintendent of Schools, Yuba City Unified School District, Child Protective Services, Employment Services, Mental Health, Welfare and Social Services, Public Health, Alta California Regional Center, Victor Community Support Services.

The group meets weekly to discuss youth and families and their needs, and reviews the actions by the various agencies to meet these needs.

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