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How Does the Family Intervention Team Differ from Past Service Efforts
  • Youth and Families do not self-select into this effort, based upon their level of failure. They are chosen due to the complex nature of their problems and their involvement with Sutter County organizations.
  • Each youth and family are involved in a comprehensive review of their needs and strengths by a team of multidisciplinary staff.
  • Comprehensive information regarding each youth and family is shared by all participating agencies at the time the initial assessment is made and continues to be available throughout the process.
  • Youth and families enter into contracts that specify what will be done, by whom, and when it will be done.
  • The courts enforce the contracts. When necessary sanctions are imposed timely for failure to maintain the contract and successful progress is rewarded.
  • One of the entry points into the system is through the domestic relations court, which refers families with significant problems prior to them having multi-agency involvement, thus including the early identification of families.
  • The entire process is regularly evaluated by the Family Intervention Policy Group, which creates greater coordination between agencies.
  • The child and family are involved as a unit and served as a unit.
  • Law enforcement, schools, and social service agencies are aware of the contract conditions and are involved in the monitoring and support of the families.
  • Law Enforcement agencies are involved in identification of families and the development and enforcement of treatment plans.
  • Public agencies undertake specific obligations in implementation of services to youth and families, and are held accountable for completion of those obligations.
  • Public agencies and families are involved in a regular review of performances by both parties in the implementation of the service plans.
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