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How Family Intervention Works

In Sutter County families with complex needs being served by multiple agencies can be referred for services by any agency or individual with the approval of the family. Data provided by the family is collected and all the partner agencies involved with Family Intervention meet and discuss the needs of the family. If alternatives to family intervention appear appropriate those are recommended to the family. If not the family is assigned a case worker and entered into the FIT process. Those families referred by the court system often have contracts approved by the courts that specify the role and responsibilities of each party.

The FIT process established an intensive intake process through the Family Assessment Service Team. This team is comprised of representatives of all local agencies working with families so a complete picture of the family and its needs can be established. Some established groups such as the School Attendance Review Board are also participants in the evaluation/intake process.

For those youth placed in out of home placement there is a placement review team comprised of Social Service and Probation staff as well as the Juvenile Court Judge, Mental Health and Human Services staff. Placements are reviewed by this group monthly to see if any youth can return to their home or if other resources are needed to assure the success of the placement.

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