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Target Population

In an attempt to identify those youth and families needing services a request was made that each school, social service organization, probation office, and law enforcement agency submit the names of families believed to need the most attention. In 1998 a list of 296 families was created. From this list, a smaller list of 30 families was identified as having contacts will all local service providers, and having current problems considered urgent. This list identified children and families where substance abuse was significant, and involvement with all community agencies common. In addition the risk involved in keeping the youth out of placement was tolerable to the community and family. As youth and families move off the smaller list, others are added. While the planning body recognized a need to work with youth and families who had not yet experienced significant problems, but appeared destined to develop into families that would need support from all of our community resources, because of the lack of resources initial concentration focused on those families with multiple problems. By July of 1999 this project was serving 60 families referred from local agencies.
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